Natural Curiosity Webinar Part 3: Grounding Virtual Learning in the Land and Relationship

Natural Curiosity Webinar Part 3: Grounding Virtual Learning in the Land and Relationship

Book authors Doug Anderson, Julie Comay, Lorraine Chiarotto


World Rights
Publication date: October 2020
ISBN 978077272643X
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In the third part of this series, Grounding Virtual Learning in the Land and Relationship, the Natural Curiosity team was joined by two experienced and committed environmental educators from the York Region District School Board: Tanya Murray, Outdoor Experiential Learning Consultant, and Natasha Bascevan, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education Consultant. In response to COVID, both Tanya and Natasha were called to teach temporarily in the virtual classroom.

In the second webinar, we focused on bringing an Indigenous lens to the current crisis in education. We heard about slowing down, getting centred and building an intimate relationship with place. In Part 3, Tanya and Natasha build on this conversation with strategies for continuing to cultivate community, natural curiosity, relationship and reciprocity in a virtual classroom. They also share about their advocacy with the York Region District School Board to support excursions to nearby nature for students who are attending school.

This webinar was co-hosted by Brenda Simon, Haley Higdon, Rosa Na, and Asha Bruce of the Natural Curiosity team. If you are wondering how to continue this learning, please visit ( and consider attending the final webinar in the series (Early November, TBD): Using School Grounds Effectively to Enrich Outdoor Learning.

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Tanya Murray, Outdoor Experiential Education Consultant, YRDSB; currently teaching Grade 4 virtually

Tanya grew up in both urban and rural spaces climbing trees, mucking about in Ontario ravines and exploring on wilderness trips. She seeks out connection with the land and has always let her heart lead the way. Tanya has worked in the outdoors as a wilderness guide, adventure education facilitator, and spent 5 years at an independent school servicing vulnerable Toronto youth. Working with an Ontario school board for over 13 years, she champions nature connection that is accessible to all, especially in the public-school system. She loves to learn alongside others in, around and for the environment in both conventional and alternative settings. She has taught in all divisions including a term at one of the board’s Outdoor Education Centres. Currently, Tanya is a Curriculum Consultant who supports system leadership in Outdoor and Environmental Education K-12. Her goal is to build capacity, enabling both educators and students the opportunity to regularly connect to nature in and around their school. Drawn to inquiry, placed-based and land-based education, Tanya champions collaborative, transformative, anti-oppressive platforms that support student voice and belonging. She is committed to amplifying all voices and leaning into the urgent need to listen, learn (unlearn) and lift the voices in conversations around our spaces including the environment.

Natasha Bascevan, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education Consultant, YRDSB; currently teaching Grade 3 virtually

Natasha is Anishinaabe and Métis kwe currently residing in Georgina. Her family is from Red River, Maniwaki and Sudbury. She is an Indigenous education consultant for York Region District School Board and is completing her Master’s of education at OISE in Leadership, Policy and Change. Natasha has worked with early years, primary, junior and intermediate students, their families and community organizations for the last 10 years. These include Kids for Turtles, Community Living, Family literacy and respite programs. She supports various advocacy committees to support knowledge mobilization of Truth and Reconciliation in action in municipalities. She has resisted systemic structures and supported Indigenous education and equity through informal leadership roles within education settings. She is a core team member of the Turtle Island Journal of Indigenous Education. She champions practical applications of decolonizing and indigenizing, by including community and elements of survivance, resistance and resurgence as it pertains to children’s spaces, policies & leadership in our current contexts.