Natural Curiosity Webinar Part 1: Educator Strategies for Getting and Staying Outdoors

Natural Curiosity Webinar Part 1: Educator Strategies for Getting and Staying Outdoors

Book authors Doug Anderson, Julie Comay, Lorraine Chiarotto


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Publication date: August 2020
ISBN 978077272641A
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This webinar has been co-hosted by Brenda Simon, Rosa Na, and Asha Bruce of the Natural Curiosity team.

Natural Curiosity’s four-part webinar series have been designed to support educators in their return to school during extraordinary times, so that they can enrich outdoor time with learning in all areas of curriculum, while building community with students and safeguarding everyone’s health. The first webinar in this series, Educator Strategies for Getting and Staying Outdoors, was joined by recent award winners of Natural Curiosity’s Burtynsky Award for Teaching Excellence in Environmental Education, Jennifer Baron (Teacher at YRDSB) and Miriam Snell (Teacher at Tamarack West Outdoor School), as well as Jay Field (Principal at Tamarack West). We thank all of the presenters and participants for making Natural Curiosity’s first webinar an incredible success.

Note: There is one lag between 0:09:25 and 0:09:57. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are wondering how to increase and enrich children’s outdoor learning time, please visit ( and consider attending the next three webinars in this series over September and early October.

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Part 3: Using Schoolgrounds Effectively to Enrich Learning

Part 4: Seeing Your Local Environment as a Place of Knowledge Building

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Jennifer Baron has been an elementary school teacher for 25 years at the York Region District School Board. In 2018 she was a Natural Curiosity Burtynsky award winner for teaching excellence, which recognized her work in inquiry-led environmental education and her attunement to the Indigenous lens. Jen has written and taught Additional Qualification courses in environmental and outdoor ed for Nipissing University, York University and ETFO. She is currently teaching Grade 2 and is collaborating with her school to take learning and students outside.

Miriam Snell won the Natural Curiosity Burtynsky Award in 2020. Miriam is a founding teacher at the Tamarack West Outdoor School, where she has been teaching since its inception in 2015. Tamarack is a unique forest school in Toronto’s West End which is suited for spirited children who thrive in the outdoors.

Jay Field is the founder and principal of Tamarack West. Jay was himself a spirited child and grew up to become a spirited super cool Dad who started an alternative elementary school - for his son. For 6 years, Tamarack West has been serving 35- 40 families with a philosophy of education that takes learning outside, not only as nature connected programming but also through community connections. Tamarack West believes in using the whole environment of the city, including parks, museums, markets and even convenience stores for learning. This summer, Jay has been answering calls from many families looking for confidence that education can proceed in COVID times, out of doors.