Natural Curiosity 2021 Webinar Series: Embracing the Shift - Part 1: Lighting the Fire

Natural Curiosity 2021 Webinar Series: Embracing the Shift - Part 1: Lighting the Fire

Book authors: Doug Anderson, Julie Comay, Lorraine Chiarotto


World Rights
Publication date: January 2021
ISBN 978077272633A
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This is the kick-off webinar of Natural Curiosity's 2021 series, Embracing the Shift: Sharing Our Pandemic Stories of Connecting to Land and Children’s Natural Curiosity. In Lighting the Fire: Enriching Environmental Learning through Indigenous Perspectives during COVID-19, David Osorio (Grade 2 Teacher, JICS Lab School) and Doug Anderson (Author of the Indigenous Lens on Natural Curiosity) shares about their yearlong collaboration of connecting students to local nature, through story, inquiry, and other heart-centred approaches to education that bridge Indigenous and Western ways of knowing. They highlight the continued importance of bringing an Indigenous lens to inform our teaching practice, particularly in connection to student-led and land-based learning.

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Doug Anderson is Métis (Bungee). His family is originally from Reedy Creek and Kinesota, Manitoba, and BC, and he grew up in Ontario. He has been the Creative and Strategic Director at Invert Media since 2003 and has consulted on Indigenous education and program development across Canada for over 25 years. Since 2001, he has been devoted to research and writing on Indigenous histories and cultures, translating them to contemporary education systems and media. Since 2010, his focus has been on learning in the land, mostly in the city. He enjoys designing new ethical platforms for Indigenous knowledge, and is committed to supporting the preservation of these forms of knowledge as models for thinking and problem solving in the 21st century. Doug worked at both the government and community levels for many years in the development, delivery and evaluation of learning programs, and has many years of front line experience in building learning and training opportunities for community members of all ages and levels of learning.

David Osorio is a Grade 2 Teacher with the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School at the University of Toronto. Focusing on land-based learning and how children learn best through evidence-based pedagogy, David also mentors Masters level teacher candidates, hosts graduate study research in his Grade Two classroom of 22 children, and shares his experiences as a guest speaker in the MA-CSE, MeD, and Natural Curiosity education programs. David recently became a Doctoral student in the EdD-CSE program at OISE, researching narrative pedagogy and indigenous storytelling for land-based inquiry.