Beyond the Visual: An Introduction to Researching Multimodal Phenomena

Beyond the Visual: An Introduction to Researching Multimodal Phenomena

By Frank Serafin


Canadian rights
Pages/Illust: 264 Pages
Publication date: Feb 2022
Binding: Cloth
ISBN 9780807766859
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Beyond the Visual is a survey of contemporary approaches to researching a wide range of visual and multimodal phenomena. Building on his earlier book, Reading the Visual, Serafini shares resources for conducting multimodal research across the social sciences. Beginning with a comprehensive overview of the theoretical foundations that support the analytical frameworks, the text is organized into two parts, texts and objects, events and spaces, with corresponding analytical approaches. Examples and outlines are provided to help novice and experienced researchers conduct their own studies. Vignettes by some of the most renowned scholars in the field of multimodality research take the reader behind the scenes of various projects to experience the thoughts and decisions that go into conceptualizing and applying the analytical frameworks presented in the book. This resource will enable both students and experienced scholars to acquire new research skills and designs resulting in more rigorous, high-quality research.

Book Features:

  • Assists researchers and educators to make better connections among theoretical orientations, analytical frameworks, and research designs.
  • Showcases 16 models for conducting research on visual and multimodal phenomena across a variety of social, virtual, and physical contexts.
  • Provides examples of how eminent researchers conceive, design, initiate, and conduct their studies.
  • Explores the research methods cited in the author's previous book, Reading the Visual.