From STEM to STEAM: Brain-Compatible Strategies and Lessons That Integrate the Arts

From STEM to STEAM: Brain-Compatible Strategies and Lessons That Integrate the Arts

By David A. Sousa, Tom Pilecki.


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Pages/Illust: 264 Pages
Publication date: Mar 2018
Binding: Paper
ISBN 9781506322452
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STEAM -- the integration of music, visual arts, and drama into daily STEM Instruction -- is proven to enhance student achievement in STEM subjects. After all, creative real-world problem-solving is what working scientists and mathematicians actually do. But how do busy STEM educators weave arts activities into a sometimes inflexible STEM curriculum?

In this new editon of From STEM to STEAM, the ground-breaking bestseller, the authors provide lessons from the field to detail the way. Authors David Sousa, expert in educational neuroscience, and Tom Pilecki, veteran arts educator, pool their combined eighty years of expertise to deliver:

Research studies in cognitive and social neuroscience, including new findings on how technology is rewiring students' brains, that demonstrate how arts activities enhance creativity, problem solving, memory systems, motor coordination, and analytical skills -- all critical elements to achieving STEM objectives

Classroom-tested strategies and techniques for integrating the arts into STEM instruction, including sample K-12 lesson plans and planning templates.

Tools for building a professional development program designed to help arts and STEM teachers collaborate to create STEAM lessons.

Sample planning frameworks that provide a smooth transition from STEM to STEAM, including advice on adapting STEAM to meet the indivudual needs and limitations of a school or district.

A list of resources available to teachers in the STEM subjects, in the arts, in arts integration, and for STEAM.

David A. Sousa, International Educational Consultant, Tom Pilecki, Educational Consultant