Blended Practices for Teaching Young Children in Inclusive Settings

Blended Practices for Teaching Young Children in Inclusive Settings

By Jennifer Grisham-Brown, Mary Louise Hemmeter.


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Pages/Illust: 384 Pages
Publication date: Jan 2017
Binding: Paper
ISBN 9781598576689
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As more and more early childhood settings implement inclusive practices, teachers need to blend special and general education techniques to help all children learn. They'll find out how with the new edition of this bestselling text, which combines today's best practices for teaching young children with and without disabilities in one comprehensive approach.

Ideal for current and future early childhood educators working with children from ages 2 to 5, this comprehensive text provides explicit guidance on developing a successful curriculum framework, working effectively with families and other team members, tailoring instruction to each child's individual needs, and embedding learning opportunities that address all children's goals. Teachers will learn from children with diverse abilities. Practical information on authentic assessment and data-driven decision-making is also woven throughout the book.

An essential reference to keep and use for years to come, this book is every early childhood educator's guide to blending the best of special and general educations, developing effective curricula, and improving outcomes for all children.

>What's New: increased focus on how to implement multi-tiered systems of support; new chapters on applying blended practices in specific content areas; and more guidance on determining the scope and sequence of what to teach children.

Authors:Jennifer Grisham-Brown Ed.D., Mary Louise Hemmeber Ph.D.

Foreword Authors: Pamela J. Winton Ph.D., Marilou Hyson Ph.D.

With Author:Kristie Pretti-Frontczak Ph. D.

Invited Contributors: Anna H. Hall Ph.D., Sarah Hawkins-Lear Ed. D., Julie Harp Rutland M.S., Kathleen Artman-Meeker Ph.D., Elizabeth McLaren Ed.D., Ragan H. McLeod, Jill F. Grifenhagen Ph.D., Lillian Duran Ph.D., Jessica Handy Ph.D.